Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New Blog! - Well, my first ever blog

What to write, where to begin, I'm sure i could write a huge War and peace book about my animals.(War and Peace - I used to think that was "Warren-Peas" when i was a child. Oh dear.

Hurrah, I finally have a blog, and, whilst i'm not even sure anyone would be remotely interested in what ramblings i have to say, it does keep me busy and not thinking about stuff which i really shouldn't be thinking about and sometimes feel the need to slap myself repeatedly on the face.(I never do, i'm too much of a wuss) 

So, this blog will be about my pets really, what they get up to and whats going on with them! I feel rather stupid for not having a cool blog name, like "THE ADVENTURES OF RAT WOMAN" Or an equally cooler one like "shockwave" which garners some would say too much attention based on ramblings of a teenage boy who likes playing computer games. (note - I don't actually know a blogger called "shockwave") So, if you happen to be "shockwave" reading this and you are a teenage boy who likes playing computer games then it's purely coincidental. 
Anyway i really should start on my animals, who are currently in various stages of war. Without turning around I can probably muster that it is Barry (a small fry rat intent on causing mayhem and being a mob leader) causing most of the trouble. Whilst knowing in the long run Barry will be a brilliant and loved addition to my cage of men i cant help thinking at the moment i may have made a mistake bringing in an 8 week old playful  and somewhat fearless pipsqueek into my 4 old brick sized layabout men. Whilst Richard (an egg headed rat) is the youngest of my 4 layabouts, he's very set in his ways. Dinner on't table and a scratch on the head and he's done for the day. Whilst Richard is a very friendly docile chap, Barry has made his simple life a little more challenging. Barry seems intent on exploring every single nook and cranny of the cage, that unfortunately extends to Richards bottom. 

The other animals in my life are currently sleeping, licking things they shouldn't and ruining toys. Orient (my highly strung siamese cat) only an hour ago seemed content on me tapping his bum whilst looking like the vibrations of my hand taps were pleasing to him. I'm going to go hand myself in to the cat police now.

Too much cat loving is a bad thing.

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