Sunday, 4 December 2011

Random wonderings of the human mind regarding Cats.

Why, do cats have an unquenchable desire to wee in a fresh cat litter tray? I'm sure they have a "conjure one up ASAP" button that they flick in times of need.

Is there a real need to "drop anchor" and "nosh" on ones private regions when in company? (The cat not me) Then follow this with a "KNSSHHH KNSSHHH SLHNK" noise.

Why, when you call a cat they can be as deaf as a carrot, then when a tuna can is opened they can antisipate the noise before its even out of the cupboard...?

When you call a cat why is it only when you walk away Cat-less is it then they meow at the door..?

Corners seem to have a Cat attracter attatched to them, Papers, Books, anything with an edge.

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